Effortless Chic

You know those girls that show up with the perfect “bedhead” hair and the “Oh, I just threw this on” outfit? The ones that claim to have overslept and gotten ready in 5 minutes to make it to where ever they need to be on time? Yeah, I have never been one of those girls. I am usually late because I went through the back half of my closet and finally found one blouse-y shirt that didn’t make me look bloated and wouldn’t cause issues when I inhaled half a pizza on my own. It’s gotten even harder to look decent with two littles in tow. My typical outfit is some kind of workout short, a tank top or oversized t-shirt, and the most pathetic excuse for a top knot you have ever seen. (I would instagram said top knot, but I feel like that defeats the whole purpose of instagram. #iwokeuplikethis)

My goal before Thanksgiving rolls around is to have a better “Mom” style, and I was recently in Old Navy and just feel like they have nailed it for the fall season. Although I feel like every season has been getting better and better with them – much fewer cargo shorts and more chambrays and pixie pants, loving it. So, I put together a couple outfits that I feel are very effortless chic for a mom on the go, or on the couch, in the playroom, where ever that Mom wants to be. These outfits work for non-Moms too. Something to take a little bit out of the guess work each morning and leave more time for me to down my iced coffee before SJ starts piling books in my lap and grunting at me to read them.


I love a flowy blouse. They are so forgiving and yet still look very polished. I also love that you can tuck them into pants or a pencil skirt for a completely different look. This one in particular has a great shape and a fab neckline so that you can add a necklace or a scarf to it if you want. I want to get this in the Go Pinot Go color because I think 1. It is close to pink, which I am obviously in love with and 2. it’s such a great color for fall and it has a neutral feel to it without being boring.

Distressed jeans have been hot for a while. I like them when they are either straight leg or skinny because I think it keeps them from being too messy looking. I prefer this straight leg pair because ever since having two babies, my legs still need some work to look good in skinny jeans. (front thigh cellulite, people. Not a good look in a jean labelled ‘super skinny’) Plus, when you have a blouse-y top, it’s good to stay straight or skinny on the bottom to keep the whole look polished, and to keep you from looking larger than you want. Camouflaging extra pounds is good, creating them is not! Well, unless you are creating them by downing s’mores pop tarts. It’s shameful, but oh so delicious.

I love this outfit because I feel that you could throw on a flat shoe or a heeled bootie and it would work. This goes from story time to cocktail time with a couple accessory switches….and maybe try and take out the top knot and create some beach waves!


OK, I don’t know who decided to make sweat suits so chic and publicly acceptable, but I am loving it. As a former college athlete, I love a good pair of sweats, however mine that are emblazoned with the Pfeiffer emblem would NEVER look this fabulous. A leopard print sweatshirt, this is me in so many ways – my closet is begging for this. Comfy, yet such a pretty statement. You couldn’t wear this to the office or out for drinks, but Saturday morning errands and brunch – perfection.

I love these sweat pants! The zipper detail adds a little something so that it doesn’t say “I wore these for four years at college and there may be microwaved mac and cheese stains leftover”. Also, give me a good wedge sneaker (I love the leather detail on these) and you have just rocked out your effortless style but are still comfortable enough to chase your son around the playground ONE MORE TIME. I seriously need to go out and get this top and pants now.


I love a good dress. I have more dresses in my closet than anything else. I think it allows you to dress it up, down – go to work, wedding, drinks – seriously, you can change up ANY dress in any way you want. This shirt dress is amazing. I tried it on in store and love the cinched waist and the longer length. With nude pumps and a cardigan, you are ready for the office. I love the idea of throwing on some sneakers for Mommy and Me time at the library. And a chic pair of flats is always right with a shirt dress. The pink is obviously the color I am going for, but I may need to add the teal too just for a nice pop for the warm Florida fall weather.

So what do you think? Would you envy my mom style if I added these fun options into my rotation of workout clothes and rolled out of bed pajamas? What are your go-to effortless pieces?




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