Flying South

I have no excuses for why I haven’t been blogging. I could tell you that being pregnant with a baby was exhausting (which it was), or moving from my home of 7 years away from all of our amazing friends and life was took up a lot of time, or even that moving into 3 different homes in the span of 2 months was stressful – but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that I haven’t blogged since January.

The fact of the matter is a LOT of things have changed for the Phaler family in a short period of time, but things are getting better every day and I don’t think i have ever been happier. Now that I am getting more into the groove of managing two sweet, adorable babies – one of which is actually a toddler that is ALL boy ALL the time – and keeping the household under control, I want to get back into the groove of blogging. With a blank slate of a rental home (until we sell our home in Charlotte and save up to buy something permanent) and a lot of kid activities going on around our new home, I feel rejuvenated with new, exciting things to blog about!

So, I apologize again to all of you that have been reading, but I promise to be more consistent with blogging and that things will be more exciting! Plus, we bought a camera for documenting our life, so I can start using those rather than instagram photos or blurry iPhone pics. Although, the iPhone pics may get better once I get the new iPhone 6….because even with 2 kids, I still tend to be a spoiled brat….

Tomorrow, updating everyone with the Liebster Award given to me by Zoe over at The Latina Lens! Seriously check her out when you get a chance. She shows the good, the bad, and the fashionable when it comes to being a mommy to two gorgeous and sassy girls!

See you tomorrow!!




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