Workout Wednesday: The Ghost of Cores Past

Happy Hump Day everyone!! Sorry for missing out the past two days, there are still some things in the works at the Phalers, but I will be letting y’all in on it very soon, I hope!

So, let’s get down to it, shall we?

Weight – 1/21 – 215. Back down to my starting weight, but debating on cutting out some things from my diet to help…

Plan for the Week of 1/15 – Reflections on the past week

  • Wednesday – Core reformer workout. I didn’t workout Wednesday night because I deep cleaned my house. Based on the number of stairs alone I had to climb, I am calling that a win. I also got in an incline walk at the gym for lunch!
  • Thursday – Do Madison’s TV Commercial workout. Thursday night is Grey’s, so I think planning this workout won’t set me up for failure. I actually did the Kettle Bell routine and skipped Grey’s!
  • Friday – Core Reformer workout. I need to get my money’s worth! Excuses for this, but I had a rough day at work and we had a friend in town, so I actually just vegged out with some pizza….
  • Saturday – Fitness Blender Kettle Bell routine. I actually started this last Friday, but SJ got really fussy so I stopped to feed him and didn’t pick it back up. 😦 No workouts for Saturday either….
  • Sunday – We are clearing out the garage and storage room, so I am going to use that as a workout, but also try and get a long walk in. I did not clear out the storage room, but we did get a long, hilly walk in!
  • Monday – Fitness Blender Cardio Bodyweight workout. I did this in one of my 2.5 workouts last week and loved it. You really sweat it out! I did Fitness Blender’s Thigh and Butt workout….omg, I still hurt.
  • Tuesday – Core Reformer workout – YES! I did this!

Last week at work was crazy, so I barely took lunch, much less got in more than workout. I am definitely hoping that the lunchtime workouts will improve, starting tomorrow.

Reviews of Workouts

  • Kettle Bell routine – I highly recommend this for anyone new to using a kettle bell. It’s intense, but manageable and you work all muscles in your body. I really could feel it in my core and glutes the next day.
  • Thigh and Butt workout – Obsessed with this workout. I plan on doing it at least once a week. I don’t plan on wearing Mom Jeans ever, and I don’t plan on having a Mom Butt.
  • Core Reformer workout – I was going to take pictures of me doing this last night, but I actually was embarrassed. Y’all, I was a college athlete – I played collegiate basketball and had ABS. Seriously, I had one hot midsection. However, after 2 years of floundering workouts and 40 weeks of pregnancy, my core is shot. It was so hard to balance on the reformer machine, and even harder to add in the workouts they requested. I chose to get this machine because i have heard that Pilates is great for your core post-baby because your abs need to be worked in a different way. What I didn’t hear….PILATES IS HARD! Oh my goodness, I never knew how hard it was. I always assumed that if you weren’t lifting weights or running sprints, you weren’t working out hard enough. I was so wrong. My entire body aches, especially my core. I am excited to start doing this at least twice a week and see the results!

For the next week, I am actually going to keep a similar plan in place, but I added in the Thigh and Butt Workout, as well as threw in a yoga workout for Saturday. Let’s see how it goes!

  • Wednesday – Fitness Blender Kettle Bell routine.
  • Thursday – Do Madison’s TV Commercial workout. I really do need to settle in and watch Grey’s, plus I did a little of this on Saturday, and it is pretty killer!
  • Friday – Core Reformer workout.
  • Saturday –  Fitness Blender Yoga
  • Sunday – I have some shopping plans, so I am going to try and make sure I get a lot of steps in, but let’s consider Sunday – “rest day”
  • Monday – Fitness Blender Thigh and Butt workout
  • Tuesday – Core Reformer workout

How did y’all’s weeks go for workouts? What were your downfalls? What kept you on track? I am definitely starting to feel stronger, but i have to get more consistent….I can feel those Chevron workout pants slipping away!



3 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: The Ghost of Cores Past

  1. Awesome job on the workouts this week! I had good workouts this week but it was my DIET that wasn’t so hot: let’s just say lots of pizza and LOTS of dessert. Eeeek! I am planning on not indulging in dessert for a few days to cleanse my sugary system a little bit.

  2. I just posted on my blog a workout you can do at lunch. I did is yesterday and it took about 35-40 mins. Not super sweaty so you can go back to work afterwards.

  3. Wow! I tried the Fitness Blender Thigh & Butt workout last night and it was awesome! Hard and useful. I loved it! Thanks for the tip I will definitely be adding this to my rotation.

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