WorkOut Wednesday

OK, so I didn’t even want to write this post, but I have to be accountable to all of you and myself….

I got in 2 and a half workouts last week. Embarassing, I know. I have excuses, plenty of them, but the fact of the matter is I didn’t set aside 30 minutes to an hour to take care of my body. So, here goes last week’s recap.

  • Weight – 216 (i gained a pound…)

Goals for the Week:

  • Plan workouts. I think this is going to be the biggest thing to help me. I have put together my plan below.

Plan for the Week of 1/15


  • Wednesday – Core reformer workout.
  • Thursday – Do Madison’s TV Commercial workout. Thursday night is Grey’s, so I think planning this workout won’t set me up for failure.
  • Friday – Core Reformer workout. I need to get my money’s worth!
  • Saturday – Fitness Blender Kettle Bell routine. I actually started this last Friday, but SJ got really fussy so I stopped to feed him and didn’t pick it back up. 😦
  • Sunday – We are clearing out the garage and storage room, so I am going to use that as a workout, but also try and get a long walk in.
  • Monday – Fitness Blender Cardio Bodyweight workout. I did this in one of my 2.5 workouts last week and loved it. You really sweat it out!
  • Tuesday – Core Reformer workout

Alright, so the plan of action is in place! Now, let’s do this. My goal is to also go to the gym on my lunch breaks Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but that’s a little bit harder to plan.

How do you find motivation in your busy schedule??




4 thoughts on “WorkOut Wednesday

  1. Stick with it sweet girl. I have been going to the 5:30 crossfit class. It makes me leave the office by 5:15 and all of the people there hold me accountable. I don’t have a babe, so I don’t have to be home by a certain hour. Prior to starting at the end of October, I had gone at least 5 years without exercising on a regular schedule. It prorbably took me a month to get in the routine and now I am hooked. XO

  2. That is such a great tip, to stick with it for a month!

    I LOVED crossfit the times I did it, but the studio was far from my house and work….so I will need to find a close one once I see your little hot bod getting into shape. 🙂

  3. It can be tough to stay motivated, but don’t be too hard on yourself – it sounds like you have a great plan for the week, and planning my workouts ahead always helps me stay on track!

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