Five on Friday: Recap

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully you were all lucky enough to have a short week….I am just coming off of a 10 day vacation that I was able to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day with my parents, Mimi, Grandma, SJ, and Sean. It was a fantastic time and my Five on Friday is dedicated to what all has happened in the past 10 days.

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I am linking up again with Christina, April, Darci, and Natasha!

[ONE] SJ’s First Christmas


I now completely understand when people say giving is more fun than receiving. SJ was only 5 months old for his first Christmas and yet he got excited over every toy. Granted, it was because he wanted to get a hold of it to put it in his mouth, but I will take those sweet faces any day. I have already started planning Christmas for next year – and bought a large amount of Target Christmas on clearance for the decor!

[TWO] New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve was very low key this year, but still very fun. My parents invited over their friends and their 3 little boys, as well as my cousins and their 3 month old son. I got to play party planner and handled all of the decor and the majority of the menu. My mom and Mimi were great assistants though and I think everything turned out pretty cute!


I created the fringed garland using this tutorial I found on pinterest. I wanted to make sparkly cheers or bubbly letters, but waited too long (there was a lot of fun stuff to be done besides crafts) so I improvised by cutting C-H-E-E-R-S out of foil paper. The 2014 banner is foil number pasted onto a sparkly black card stock that I got inspiration from here. The hats, crowns, glasses, horns, and poppers were all found at Target and Wal-Mart. I should have backed the buffet with a white sheet so that it popped more, but I’ll make a note of it for next year! How were your New Year’s celebrations? Did they end with sweet kisses like these:


[THREE]Β Current Accessory Obsessions

This scarf (similar here) and yes, that’s an office selfie…..judge away friends, but the scarf is F-A-B.


And these earrings (found here) a sweet Christmas gift from my amazing hubs!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 9.36.49 PM

[FOUR]Β Core Body Reformer

Staying true to our new fitness goals, Meghan and I ordered the Core Body Reformer. It’s a Pilates machine, so I am excited to give it a try because I have heard great things about Pilates for women who have had babies. It comes in tomorrow, but we will do our first workout with it on Wednesday and I will give you an update on how that goes!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 9.39.22 PM

Speaking of workouts, Meghan and I did this one tonight – short but brutal!

[FIVE] Binge-Watching

Sean and I are very guilty about getting into a show way later than anyone else. This is mostly because we are both really busy with our jobs (especially during basketball season) so it’s hard to commit, and then on the weekends we like to run errands and spend time as a family rather than catch up on DVR shows. This has led us to constantly Binge-Watch various shows (Mad Men and Gossip Girl being the previous choices.) Right now we are totally sucked into Breaking Bad…’s addicting (pun intended). Four solid days at my parents’s house and we are now starting Season 4. OBSESSED.


Hope everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to catching up with you Monday!




13 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Recap

  1. Ah! I love your blog!!! Everything is amazing. SJ looked so precious in those little jammies on Christmas πŸ™‚

    Jason and I just started watching Breaking Bad! We have binge-watched as well and are almost finished with season 3. Our Netflix has developed this habit where it keeps buffering lately so it has put a little stint in our bad habit!

  2. FIRST, your little SJ’s expressions for his gifts are so adorable… love, love, love!!

    Second, those earrings are fab! I am pretty sure I have those on a few Polyvore sets πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Lastly, my husband and I have been binge-watching Breaking Bad too! We recently moved from Michigan to New Mexico, and figured we better watch it to see what it was all about!

    Happy weekending! xo

    • Thanks Lisa! I am in love with anything Kendra Scott.

      My husband went to UNM and he said that there’s not much else to do but make meth! πŸ™‚ I am sure you are loving it much more than he did as a lowly college student though.

      Have a great weekend as well!

  3. Ok so the world keeps telling me I need to watch Breaking Bad. And I tried. But I didn’t love it. Maybe I need to try again? Love those earrings, Kendra makes everything beauty.

  4. I like it and we watch them quite a bit but I don’t loooovveee it. Some of it is pretty depressing / awkward and just plain weird. Everyone raves about Breaking Bad and how fantastic it is though so we are just gonna finish watching them I guess haha

  5. Breaking bad is the shizz!

    Cute pictures of your son on Christmas!! I wish i had taken pictures of my daughter with the gifts she received for Christmas. It’s her first Christmas too. She just turned 4 months πŸ™‚

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