Mommy Must Haves

So I am a first time, still fairly new mom…but for others who are in the same boat or about to be new moms I wanted to share some items that worked for me. All of these have been a hit with SJ, so I hope that some of you also find that these items work for you too!


1. Mamaroo by 4moms – We originally had a different swing, but SJ wouldn’t settle down in it. We were at Babies R Us one night and SJ was fussy, so I told Sean to put him in a Mamaroo display that was on. He settled down immediately and fell asleep. We bought it that night (with 20% off so it was the same price as his other swing). He’s a little harder to settle down now than he used to be, but the Mamaroo still helps settle him down and puts him to sleep at nap times with it’s different settings. He’s a fan of the Kangaroo and Car Ride. It’s also nice because he can sit in it while stationary and watch cartoons or just hang out if he wants.

2.  Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym – I have told of my love for this in his month update posts and Five on Friday post….it’s seriously the best! He bangs on the keys with his feet and smiles and laughs. It’s so fun! He also has now started pulling on the hanging toys. He is obsessed with the little mirror because I am pretty sure he realizes how handsome he is. I am excited for him to be able to sit up and bang on the piano keys with his hands. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a play mat/gym.

3. Pacifier Clips – I actually just found these monogrammed clips tonight and am going to order a couple for daycare so that he has his name on it in case they get mixed up. A paci clip to me is essential because you never know when your baby is going to be over sucking on his paci and spit it out. A clip keeps it from hitting the ground and needing to be washed constantly. A monogrammed pacifier clip is essential for the south!

4. Maxi Cosi carseat – It’s no secret that SJ is a big baby. We had him in an infant carseat (Orbit) but he was so scrunched up on car rides that he would scream. I researched several different convertible car seats because if we were going to buy another one, I wanted him to have one that would grow with him. We chose the Maxi Cosi because it’s one of the carseats that grows the most (70 lbs, 52 inches) and that was important with having a taller child. Also, the fabric itself is cooler for SJ (he has his momma’s sweat glands) and it is super comfortable. He rarely cries in the car now unless he’s hungry. LOVE IT!

5. Bibdanas – SJ has started drooling….a lot. However, being a mom who is in love with style, I didn’t want to just put a bib on him to keep his clothes clean (I can feel you rolling your eyes at me, but I want my baby to look as stylish as me!). Enter the bibdanas. I actually found these on instagram by loved_by_lil_wilsons. She hand makes them and they are either reversible or terry-cloth lined. I bought a set of 5 for $40 and am obsessed! Keep an eye on my instagram to see my little man rock them. It’s the cool way to drool!

6. Pampers Baby Dry – Babies go through a LOT of diapers. I read this everywhere, but didn’t believe it until I had one of my own. We were using Pampers Swaddlers and I loved those because they were so soft, but the baby dry are AH-MAZING! Being that SJ is a breastfed baby, he occasionally skips days and will have blowouts the next. These diapers contain those blowouts like a champ! Nothing makes me happier than not having to soak his clothes in some oxyclean to get out stains.

7. Aden by aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket  – I am OBSESSED with these. One of our friends that has a baby (Colin, who has been on the blog) had one of these over at our house and told us about them. They are nice and big, so it was super easy to swaddle SJ with them. Also, they are light so he can use them at night without getting too hot and they are perfect for covering his stroller on walks so the sun doesn’t shine on him but he doesn’t overheat. They sell these everywhere – amazon, target, babies r us, buy buy baby – register for them!

8. aden + anais Muslin burpy bib – These are made of the same material as the swaddles so they are nice and soft, but double lined and quilted so they are very absorbent. I love them because they are bigger to drape over your shoulder AND can be snapped around his neck as a bib. Things that serve dual purposes are perfect for throwing in the diaper bag so that you don’t overflow it (I overpack constantly) and they are great to have a few stashed in the kitchen, nursery, bathroom, wherever.

9. Ulma NoShow Washable Nursing Pads – Ok, Dad and any other men reading this, you may want to skip this item because I am about to get a little in depth. For nursing mommas out there, I tried every brand of disposable nursing pad I could but kept running into the issue of chaffing. It was SO painful and I would cry while feeding SJ. I read some articles on this and it said that disposable nursing pads tend to keep your nipples wet because of the plastic liners and this can lead to chaffing and infections! So I ditched the disposable and started searching for reusable nursing pads. After trying a few different kinds, I found these Ulma ones on Etsy (I am an etsy fanatic). They are AH-MAZING. I have yet to have any issues of chaffing since using them and no leaks! I bought 4 daytime pairs and two overnight pairs. They are incredible and so easy to wash and re-use. Plus they are so much cheaper in the long run than disposable.

10. Zipper Pajamas – I highly recommend zippered pajamas to ALL moms out there. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to undo snaps at 1 AM on a screaming baby so you can change his diaper. These zippered ones from the Children’s Place are perfect and come in so many cute patterns. I have 8 pairs so far, and will continue to stock up as he grows.

So there are just a few of the items that I have used so far and can’t imagine life without. Most of them I came across by trial and error, but I will be sticking with them in the long run!

One item that I am still trying to find the perfect option of is a stroller! We had an orbit, but I am now trying to sell it (let me know if you want it!) because it’s just not working out for SJ. We are wanting one that can convert to a double stroller so that we can keep it whenever Baby #2 comes along. Right now the front runner is Phil & Teds Navigator stroller. Has anyone used this stroller? Do you have any other suggestions?




3 thoughts on “Mommy Must Haves

  1. I’ve been eyeballing the mamaroo for our registry and have heard such mixed reviews! Sounds like it varies for each baby, which is frustrating for planning ahead. haha! Bookmarking this list! So helpful! 🙂

    • The good news is Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby have 90 day return policies, so if you get the mamaroo and your cute babe isn’t a fan, you can return it and try out a different swing. There are definitely some great ones out there, I just love that this one sways him like I do! Let me know what stroller you choose – I’m still floundering 3 months in!

  2. Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany

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