Two Months for Baby SJ!

Ok y’all, time for a 2 month update. Better late than never, right? We are so in love with this munchkin that I have been spending all of my time playing, feeding, or staring at him sleep….so sorry for the radio silence on the blog!

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 9.09.04 PM

Height and Weight: According to his two-month check-up, he’s 14 lbs 13 ozs and 25.25 inches. He is definitely going to be a big boy. He dangles his feet off my Breast Friend pillow already, so I am going to have to be creative as the months go on with holding him to nurse because he is heavy!

Health:  He is still doing great. All of his acne and rashes are gone. We just have a little bit of cradle cap to deal with. We have been using Baby oil, Aveeno conditioning shampoo, and a scrub brush.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 9.09.43 PM

Sleep: SJ is still going to bed around 8 PM and sleeps through the night without needing to wake up to feed. He does get fussy around 4 AM, but we can usually calm him down with his pacifier…or by pulling him into bed. He wakes up around 6 AM to eat, and then will nap from 9-11 and nap again from 3-4.

Diet: Right now, SJ is still only breastfeeding…and eating a lot!

Clothes: SJ is in between 3 and 6 month onesies, 3 month tops, and 3 month bottoms. The bad part is he outgrows his clothes very quickly, the good part is I get to go shopping more!

Baby gear love: We traded in our Graco swing for a Mamaroo and SJ LOVES it! He will fall asleep in it, or just sit in it and watch TV or “talk” to the mobile that’s above him. It’s super cute and I am so happy that we got it. We also bought him a stuffed giraffe from Target that he loves to chew on. We have named him Geraldo and need to go buy a few more because it calms him down when he gets fussy in the car. Also, SJ is loving mirrors and especially the one on his piano play mat. He stares at himself in it and smiles and then kicks the tar out of his piano! SO CUTE!

Crying: He is still mainly crying only when he is hungry, but he will get fussy when he’s tired or doesn’t want to play anymore. He’s relatively easy to calm down though with his pacifier and rocking…and some enjoyable singing of my favorite top 40 hits of course.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 9.10.30 PM

Likes: Eating, sleeping, and being held are still his favorite things. He loves looking in mirrors or watching TV. Sean thinks it’s because he loves sports because he watches especially when football is on.

Dislikes: Being hungry or tired.

Postpartum: I am currently doing great. It’s cooling down outside so I have been able to walk a lot more. I have gotten to walk with both my mom when she’s been in town and Sean, so it’s been really nice.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 9.09.27 PM

Social: Oh my goodness, such a big jump here. He smiles at people now when they smile at him. That smile melts my heart!! It’s so sweet and happy and his whole face lights up. He also coos a little and will sometimes go crazy with his “chit-chat”. I am pretty sure God made babies smile early on so that sleep deprived parents felt like they were doing a good job, and it works like a charm! I am so in love with this little boy! He did have his first play date…but had no idea that Colin was there to play with him.

Milestones: SJ has gotten really strong with holding his head up for extended periods of time when on his tummy. He also loves to kick and move his arms. He will hold onto a toy if you put it in his hand, but won’t actively grab it yet. He did get to go to his first UNC Charlotte football game (it was hot so we mostly just stayed in the shade with his friend Colin and Colin’s mom Ashley).

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 9.09.57 PM




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