Wedding Wednesday

I know, it’s Thursday and I shouldn’t ever try to go back a day and make the week go by slower, but Wedding Thursday just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Plus, I meant to post this on Wednesday but Tuesday was Sean’s birthday and we went out to dinner and didn’t get home until late. So please forgive me, and pretend you read this on Wednesday while still getting ready for the weekend since you are only one day away!

This weekend I will be attending a dear friend of mine’s wedding. I am a bridesmaid, but won’t be in a bridesmaid’s dress so I had to come up with something fabulous to wear. I also have to incorporate one of the dresses I bought during the Endless Summer Lilly Sale….I went a little overboard, so I can’t afford to go out and get an “appropriate” fall dress. I feel as though this is a situation that affects a lot of us out there when attending fall weddings. You want to wear something fun and happy because it’s a wedding, but during the fall muted color and jewel tones are more appropriate. Well, lucky for you, I have devised an appropriate solution.

The dress below is the actual dress that I will be wearing to the wedding. It is the Lilly Posey dress, but it’s unfortunately no longer available. However, it is a quintessential spring/summer dress, so please feel free to sub in a favorite dress of yours when using this outfit equation.



Since layering is what you do in the fall, I chose a navy outer layer to throw over the dress. A navy blazer is always a great basic piece to add to your wardrobe and would be great for a more formal wedding that is being held at a country club or ballroom. I love a cardigan, I throw them over everything and own them in every color. I prefer the longer boyfriend style as I have a long torso, and I think the silhouette looks better on me. I also think the longer cardigans are more versatile for outfit options. You can throw them over dresses, tuck them into skirts, or have them cover your modesty when wearing leggings. A cardigan would be better for a more semi-formal wedding at a museum or vineyard. A denim jacket is another great option especially for a casual wedding that is being held outside. The heavier weight of denim will keep you warm, and it will also keep you from being “that girl” that overdressed at a wedding (although, I believe it’s better to overdress than underdress). Any of these options will work great with a spring printed dress, and can also be in any other neutral color that you prefer. Navy happens to look better on me than black or tan since I have a fairer complexion, and this is my outfit board so I get to choose what I want.

For shoes, I chose something that was close toed as I feel this takes that “spring look” out of the dress. However, chunky, strappy heels are very in for fall so definitely feel free to pick a shoe that makes you smile when you put it on. I love a wedge. They give you the height you want but have more support than a heel. A nude wedge will elongate your legs and they can literally be worn with everything from dresses and dress pants to boyfriend jeans. If you are feeling a bit more fashion forward and daring, booties are always hot for fall. I love this one with a metallic sole that adds a touch of glam and what girl doesn’t love some glitz and glam when going to a wedding?!

Now which options will I be choosing? You will have to see next week when I post pictures from the actual wedding…..and I hope to have those up on the REAL Wedding Wednesday.

How do you like to style up a spring/summer dress so you can carry it over into fall and winter?




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