Happy One Month SJ!

All right, I am going to start blogging about each of SJ’s months alive. I think it’s important to have a record of how he is growing mentally, physically, and emotionally and my baby book hasn’t come in the mail yet, so all of you lucky readers will just have to enjoy this until it does! Plus, he turns two months on Thursday (holy cow!), so I want to try and make sure I get the right information at the right time because he changes so much every day that the dates all blur together.






Height and Weight: According to his one-month check-up, he’s 12 lbs 13 ozs and 23.5 inches. He had gotten back to his birth weight and then some at his 2 week check-up, so I am very happy with the fact that I am able to produce enough milk to breastfeed him exclusively and he is growing!






Health:  He’s been great this month. All we have dealt with is some baby acne and rashes. The doctor said that this is normal and recommended we scrub him up more when bathing. We tried that and it worked out great.




Sleep: SJ usually goes to sleep at night around 8 PM and wakes up every 3 hours to eat until 9 AM. He takes a morning nap for about an hour around 11 AM and then a 2 hour afternoon nap after lunch around 2 PM. He tends to get fussy right around dinner time, so that’s always fun…but for the most part he’s a great sleeper.






Diet: Right now, SJ is only breastfeeding…and eating a lot!




Clothes: SJ outgrew newborn clothes pretty quickly. He is in 3-month onesies, but does need 0-3 month bottoms depending on the brand. Looks like he has his daddy’s little rump for now.





Baby gear love: Currently SJ sleeps in the bassinet on top of the pack and play we have next to our bed. It vibrates and seems to help put him to sleep whenever we put him down for bed. He has a Graco swing, but won’t fall asleep in it. He does stay asleep when in it though. He doesn’t really react much to toys, but will stare at a stuffed zebra toy he has when we wave it in front of his face.



Crying: This boy only cries when he’s hungry or wet. This does make it easy to make him stop crying though!




Likes: Eating, sleeping, and being held are currently his favorite things. He definitely prefers being in our bed more than his bassinet, so I like to believe he loves cuddling. He likes car and stroller rides and is great when we take him out shopping anywhere.




Dislikes: Wet diapers and going longer than 3 hours between feedings.




Postpartum: I am currently doing great. I have been trying to walk every day until my 6-week appointment, but it’s still so hot outside that it’s hard. We do go to the mall and walk a loop around since that’s a mile, but I haven’t increased much past that. I love being a Momma and think that I am much more maternal than I could have ever expected.




Social: Not too much here yet. He does enjoy being held and he will look at you when you talk, but that’s about it.






Milestones: SJ holds his head up very well when he’s being held up on someone’s shoulder. He will also turn his head to look towards where he can hear a voice coming from. He isn’t cross-eyed as he was when he was born, so it’s nice to see him focusing on things. And, as I have said before, he’s a voracious eater!


I will post his two-month records next Monday and then I will be caught up and can give you a more accurate account of how this little man is growing! He is so loved and every day is just amazing to see him grow and learn about everything around him.





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