July 26, 2013 – We became a family

It is now time to introduce you all to the greatest thing that has ever happened to Sean and myself. We had a beautiful baby boy! July 26, 2013, only one day after his original due date, Sean Richard Phaler, Jr. entered our lives.

My family and Sean’s dad had already come into town about a week before my original due date. My Mimi (mom’s mom) was down as well from Pennsylvania. The week before he was born I was doing everything possible to get him out. I was so over being pregnant. I was hot and swollen and tired, and all I wanted was to hold our little nugget. I bought a birthing ball and bounced on it every night. Sean took me to McDonald’s for their habanero ranch quarter pounder, which was a terrible idea that only resulted in heartburn. My mom made me walk 3 miles around our neighborhood. There was no way this babe was going to stay in much longer than his due date.

On July 25th, we went in for our doctor’s appointment and i had my doctor strip my membranes (sorry if this is TMI, but I want to share and record the whole story). This process was a bit uncomfortable, but not unbearable and I recommend it if anyone is in dire need of birthing out their baby! That night our families went out to Cheddars in Charlotte for a delicious “last dinner”. Around 7:00 PM, I started feeling what I thought were mild contractions. This progressively got stronger until about 2:30 AM when I made Sean get up so we could go into the hospital.

At the hospital, they put me in triage and monitored me for an hour. They said that my contractions were irregular and not strong enough to admit me unless I agreed to have pitocin if my labor didn’t progress. I was terrified and crying. I had only heard horrible things about pitocin and it wasn’t part of my birth plan. I was planning on having an epidural,  but that was it in terms of medical intervention. However, I didn’t want to go home and just be in pain so I agreed that, if necessary, I would take pitocin. I was admitted around 3:30 AM and my family got there around 4:30. My contractions had gotten much stronger and I hadn’t yet had the epidural. My Mimi was a labor and delivery nurse for 40 years prior to retiring, so she was there to help coach me through the pain. Thank goodness!! The breathing techniques she did with me really helped and I was able to push through until I got the epidural around 6:00 AM. From that point on, labor was a breeze to me! Seriously, epidurals are the greatest and I applaud any woman who can go without because labor is no joke and I didn’t even feel a quarter of it.

I continued to progress naturally and didn’t have to have pitocin administered to hurry along my labor. Throughout the day we did go through about 5 nurses though because it was apparently a very busy day in the hospital. All were very nice, but it definitely took away a large portion of my humility because I was exposed a LOT. (again, sorry for the TMI).

Around 4:30 PM, the current nurse told me it was time to push, but that she had to leave and another nurse would be assisting me, as well as a nursing student. I agreed to the student being there because I figured why not, I had already been on display to everyone else so I might as well become a learning experience. I pushed for about 30 minutes until the nurse said that the baby was beginning to crown, and called the Doctor in. Dr. Moon was AMAZING. My epidural was beginning to wear off, so I could feel everything happening while I pushed – and it sucked. I was yelling at the doctor and having to stop…..I felt terrible and like a wuss. However, we made it!! At 6:10 PM, the love of our lives was born. Sean cried (and saw more of me than he probably ever wanted to). They placed the baby on my chest while Sean cut the cord and all i felt was love. I completely get it now – why my parents worked so hard to protect me and discipline me growing up – it’s because all I can ever think about is that moment when everything was new and he was there and all he has is Sean and myself to keep him alive. So without further ado, meet our little man:




He is 7 weeks now so I plan on blogging a monthly update on his growth – physical, mental, social – but he’s still as perfect now as he was on that Friday. I love when he cries, sneezes, sighs, coughs, and especially the way he looks at me. I am pretty sure he loves Sean and I, but sometimes he does mean mug us or lift an eyebrow that has me questioning if one day I will find him sneaking out of the house, which I am sure I will. But for right now, I am drinking in every cuddle and snore and toot because who knows when he won’r want to cuddle or even toot on us any more. I can’t talk about daycare or school or college without tearing up…..I am that super attached mom that will one day annoy my son by hugging him in front of his friends, but I don’t care. I want him to always know what love is and that his daddy and I and our families have so much of it in our hearts for him.

Our dear friend Kirby took newborn photos of him and I will share those once i get them and you will want to cuddle him too, but for now I just wanted to share our story and share what he looked like on his very first day of life.




2 thoughts on “July 26, 2013 – We became a family

  1. I was so thrilled to be there at SJ’s birth filling out a long career in OB as I was at the birth of his Mom in Ga.culminating a 44 yr in assisting moms in labor.

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