Sometimes life gets in the way….

Remember that time I lied to you and said I was back and would be blogging more? Yeah, that was 8 months ago. I am REALLY sorry about that. Pregnancy got the best of me. I was tired and hot and whiny… when I would get home from work, I just wanted to lay down and prop up my extra swollen feet. Then once pregnancy was over with, I had a very needy and super adorable baby boy to look after – and still do, but we are getting down to more of a schedule now. This means, I should be able to blog more because for 3 hours of the day he loves to snooze until he’s ready for lunch.

Now, I promise every blog won’t be about SJ, but there will be posts about him. I have a lot of family that read my blog (well used to before I fell off the planet) and I want to keep them up to date with every smile and coo and milestone. I do still want to blog about decorating our home and clothes, because even with so much testosterone around I am still a girl that loves pretty things!

Stay tuned for the first post Monday, where I will introduce the second love of my life!




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