Fall Back and Get Cozy

Years ago (you know, when I was like 12), I never understood why people changed up their decor based on season. I mean, I get adding some spooky Halloween decor to the front door for trick-or-treaters to enjoy, but I didn’t understand why pillows, furniture, or mantles (that’s a lie, I had no clue what a mantle was when I was 12) needed to be swapped and updated. What is wrong with bright pink flowers rather than leaves or a linen throw rather than a cozy fur one? Well, now I get it, when it’s chilly outside there is nothing more enticing to come home to than a house full of warm colors and fabrics.

I have put together my favorite ways to decorate a home for Fall. Some you can purchase and some are from pinterest that you can DIY on your own!


  1. I am slowly becoming obsessed with the idea of decorating one’s mantel for the various season. You could do nothing else to room, and this will warm up the entire space and immediately make it feel like fall. The leaves on this mantel really add such a fun pop of color without having to be pink. (I know, I can like other colors besides pink)
  2. I wish I could afford to switch up m chairs and get this amazing Crate and Barrel plaid chair. It’s literally fall in a piece of furniture. I want to wrap it around my neck and wear it every day until Spring comes back around.
  3. A happy Halloween entrance from Pinterest is the perfect way to set the tone for October parties or even just to make your family smile when they come home from the busy day. It’s cute and quirky without having to be scary….my favorite kind of halloween.
  4. Another way to greet people for parties or long days is to decorate your front stoop. We don’t have much space on our stoop, but I could easily add a wreath and put some happy yellow mums by the door.
  5. I love every single one of these Pottery Barn pillows. The link above for 5 takes you to the faux fur one, but there’s also this super cute antler pillow (that’s “outdoor”, but I love this fabric for easy clean-up) and this pumpkin one that can make any couch happy.
  6. I love the layer mirrors of this mantle. I am thinking of mixing that with the happy leaves in vases for my own custom mantel! Pinterest is great for ideas that you can turn into your own.
  7. This is my perfect fall room from Pottery Barn: fur pillows, faux fur throws, layered rugs, and that cow hide lamp shade – I am dying. Can I add this to my wish list along with the Tibi dress, Kate Spade shoes, and frye boots from my fall fashion? I’ll love you forever, promise. 🙂

There are my fav ways to make your home cozy enough to never leave the house on the weekends and drink homemade Pumpkin Spice lattes (another pinterest recipe!) on the couch with my faux fur throw and pillows……guess I am booked for a while….please don’t forget me when you send out those holiday party requests, I promise to come out of hibernation for the Holidays.
Until Next Time…


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