Feature Friday

Happy Friday y’all!

I have decided that on Fridays I am going to feature a new product, company, or clothing item that I have tested or tried and let you know my opinion. This gives you the whole weekend to go out and grab up the same item and send me your opinion of it!

Today, I am featuring something brand new to the style radar. It’s a revolutionary new clothing line that looks at fit, shape, and details from a different perspective.

I would like to introduce everyone to The Andy Moon Collection.

This line is re-inventing classic tailored pieces using a made to measure basis. All clothes are custom made for you! There’s no need to buy an item and then spend at least $30 to have it tailored to be a one-of-a-kind item, because it already is. The blazers have a silk scarf like lapel that is like nothing I have ever seen – it cuts down on the need to accessorize. All you need to do to finish an outfit is throw on the blazer and get out the door! Perfect for mornings where you sleep through your alarm – or spend too long on your hair and need to throw on some polish for a night out.

The line is geared towards both men and women and offers a fit that will flatter all figures, from curves to straight lines. The beauty is in the details. The Nicky shirt offers a vent in the back so you have a tailored fit in the waist, while not having to worry about it being too tight over your hips.

The creator, Najja Moon, begin by designing clothes that would work for her shape and style and then found out that she wasn’t alone in her plight for well tailored unique pieces.

Currently the Collection is hosting “Pop-Up Shop Events” that allow you to preview the fall line before you can order them. Since the pieces are so different than what current designers have to offer, the shops allow you to meet Najja Moon and learn more about her vision and just how the Andy Moon Collection came about. There was a party this past weekend in South Beach that was a huge success and introduced Miami to something so hot it almost couldn’t handle it!! The next party coming up is…..

Drum Roll Please

…..tonight in Charlotte! If you are in the area and want to stop in and see what all of this is about – check out the Facebook event below or email me at nmaready@gmail.com. It goes from 7-9 PM and is a great opportunity to meet Najja Moon and see the unique designs that are the heart of Andy Moon.

RSVP Here: http://www.facebook.com/events/401162949936861/

Hope to see y’all out tonight!!

Until next time….


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