Healthy Addictions

Hi, I’m Nicole.

(Hi Nicole.)

And I am addicted to Fantasy Football.

I need help. I stay up late checking my Yahoo! Fantasy Football App. I review player profiles. I talk trash. I have watched more football in the past two days than I did in the past two years. And to top it all off….

I lost this week!

Actually, I am on a joint team because I just wanted to dip my toe in the pool of Fantasy Football, but instead dove in head first. Our team name is Carole (hybrid of our names Carrie/Nicole) which isn’t particularly creative, but our team picture is!

Lilly meets the NFL. Who thinks they should start a line of jerseys like Victoria secret did?

Yes, I had Sean create a Panthers jersey using a Lilly print. Which brings me to my other addictions as I have several. None are harmful to myself or others, although I think I have heard my wallet crying at night.

  • Shopping – this one is obvious to anyone who remotely knows me. I shop every weekend, even if it’s just grocery shopping. I love it….I can literally shop til you drop and pretty much everyone has dropped that’s gone with me.
  • Pink – can you be addicted to a color? I am pretty sure I am. I have a pink engagement ring, pink wedding ring, pink purses, pink outfits, pink shoes, pink puppy clothes. I had a hot pink bedroom growing up and would do that again if Sean would let me.
  • Social Media – I love social media. I am on it all day. Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin, I am on it all…..and if I am friends with you have probably stalked you.
  • My iPhone – Once I got this thing and all the apps that linked to my other addictions, game over. I can shop, stalk, change my background, ringtones, bank accounts, set my roster, all from my phone….this one may be borderline unhealthy actually.

So there you have it – I confessed. I am an addict. What are you addicted to?

Until next time…


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