Hello Nature My Old Friend

Ok, I know – I am officially the worst blogger ever…..6 posts in almost 5 months is really bad. I was just having issues getting inspired as to what to blog about and if anyone would really even care enough to read about it. However, in a surprising turn of events, I am doing a lot more with my life! I have things to talk about with everyone. One big issues with doing so much though, is that I am still not blogging like a good, dedicated blogger should. I am working out a system for that, but for now, let me tell you about one of my new favorite past times.

It’s being outside!!

For those of you that really know me, you know that I am built for an indoor lifestyle. My hobbies include shopping, cooking, and being online/on my phone. I don’t do a whole lot of outdoor activities unless I am required to – like preseason basketball workouts. I tried running around my neighborhood – didn’t work out. It’s hot, there’s hills, and I am an awkward runner who didn’t want my neighbors to see me. This all changed after a visit with my best friends Najja and Pam and our trip to the White Water Center. (no pics of us – hope to change that this week!)

We rafted and ziplined and kayaked – I loved it!! So, Sean and I got season passes….which was just crazy for us!! But these season passes turned into weekly kayak trips with the puppies, hiking the trails, and most recently mountain biking!

It's me! mountain biking in my Norts!

It’s me mountain biking in my Norts!

I love it – I love being outside in nature. I don’t mind the bugs or getting dirty or even falling (which I didn’t do until mountain biking today). It’s so nice being out in the peace and quiet. Sean and I don’t fight, well except when it comes to 2 person kayaking and we are on a different paddle schedule, that is SO annoying! The dogs get a good workout in and get nice and tired out so that they pass out before coming home. I apologize to anyone I ever knocked their “hippie ways” too! I am so much happier lately.

We have even started taking long walks every morning with the dogs. By long, I mean a mile or 2….but it’s perfect. We can just talk about life, work, our futures, our children’s futures (none of those yet, but I figure when they get here there will be less times for walking and planning their future!). Recently, we have been talking about building our dream home….blog on that later….and our goals in the next five years. It has quickly become my favorite time of day, which is huge since sleeping in until 11 AM on a Saturday used to be my favorite time.

Our happy puppies on their morning walk – Zeke is a puller.

I feel better when I walk in the morning, I work better, I eat better. I have a new found love of nature! So when I am not here, talking to you lovely people – I am outside! My next goal – to tackle a camping trip. It still may evolve into glamping in a Yurt, but you can’t take expect me to completely turn into an outdoorswoman over night!

Until next time…


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