Farmer’s Market Finds

Well I had a very productive weekend. Made some fun house updates, got in best friend time, ran, and headed to the farmer’s market. Now, the house updates we will review at a later date as I want to make final touches before the big reveal. Today we are discussing the farmer’s market.

I am not sure how many of you have gone to the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market but it’s serious. Three huge buildings filled with fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, flowers, olive oil, whatever you may want and it’s all been grown locally. We made it through two of the buildings before I was overwhelmed and just bought what I wanted and left. Those who know me should realize the irony of me getting overwhelmed with shopping, but those who don’t can just pretend this is normal and that I am not a diagnosed shopaholic.

We spent $30 and got cantaloupe, zucchini, bananas, lemons, limes, corn, heirloom tomatoes (dying over these), strawberries, bell peppers, peaches, and flowers. Harris Teeter can suck it. I was ecstatic over all of our goodies – as well as over the delicious hot dog stand that was in the first building we went to, I highly recommend those.

I had pinned earlier in the week this recipe for grilled vegetable orzo salad. Now that I had all the necessary vegetables, I made Sean grill them (I cook, he grills. We call it compromise). We grilled zucchini, squash, red bell peppers, and garlic all tossed in olive oil with some salt and pepper. You can of course use whatever vegetables you picked up on your farmer’s market haul. While that grilled, I cooked up the orzo. Orzo takes about 9 minutes to cook until perfect. Then, you just mix the orzo and vegetables and top with a lemon vinaigrette (lemon, olive oil, s+p) and toss. It took 11 minutes total and I had a delicious side dish for Saturday and for every day this week at work.

As a side note, if you have never made a lemon vinaigrette; make one, immediately. It’s the most lovely topping ever and the lemon juice and olive oil make this pretty yellow emulsion that you just want to drink. Don’t drink it with other people in the room, you will get strange stares but you won’t care because it’s that delicious. I am of course assuming this is how one would feel when they drink this dressing straight, not basing it on actual events.

For dessert, I found a Fresh Strawberry Pie recipe. I am not going to type out the steps like I did for the salad because I want you to come back and read another post and not think of me as the boring recipe poster (I don’t have enough pretty pictures like actual recipe bloggers, I get really caught up in the process and then say “Crap, I wanted to blog this!”), but click the link if you want the perfect little taste of summer to take to your next cookout. So here are my pretty pie pictures for you to envy:

PS. It’s Monday and this pie is gone….

So there are my weekend culinary adventures. Which, if you’re keeping count, tallies new recipes for this week doubling my weekly goals for June. I will definitely count this as a productive weekend….see this blog is already providing a high return on investment.

And just in case you only come to read my posts for pretty pictures – here is the happy gift I got myself. Every girl likes flowers. 🙂

What about you? Any new summer recipes you recommend trying, especially ones that utilize the bounty of local farmers?

Lots of Love,


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