The beginnings of a master oasis

One place that is very important to me to have decorated fully is the master bedroom. We spend most of our time here (when we’re not in the kitchen, of course). Now that the wedding is over, I really want to finish up the bedroom especially since we just got new egyptian cotton sheets and pretty picture frames to use with our amazing wedding pictures for art.

First, let’s start with the beginning. Below is the before picture of our bedroom. Don’t mind the furniture, it belonged to the people before us….

Pretty boring huh? Let’s also keep in mind – the whole house used to be that awful beige. We have now splashed color all over the place, but we can discuss that more later.

Ok, so we move back in and Sean purchased a grand bedroom set from Value City Furniture (example below, this isn’t the exact set and we don’t own the dresser).

So right now, here is what we are working with – beige room, large 4 poster dark wood bed with matching night stands. This doesn’t really work for someone with a chartreuse damask print dining room (more on that later as well) and more color than neutrals in her wardrobe. We decided to paint the beige walls. I asked for pink – I didn’t get pink….instead we compromised on Reflection Pool.

This is by Valspar and is just the right amount of refreshing and fun mixed with calm and meditating….get it, reflection pool? No, just me? Ok, moving on….

As of right now, this is where we are at – dark wood bed, stark white sheets (easier to bleach when the occasional puppy stain occurs) and bright turquoise walls. It feels so unfinished….therefore I put together my bedroom inspiration post:

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10

Alright, let me break it down a little more for you so you can see inside my brain…bring your sunglasses because it’s bright in here.

First, we found the teal herringbone duvet cover from Urban Outfitters. I am a sucker for chevron, but the herringbone came in bright teal and I fell in LOVE. Since we are doing such a bright duvet in the center of the room, I thought it would be nice to accent it with more of a pastel coral and yellow, plus when I found that Love pillow on Etsy, I couldn’t say no. Layer that with some black printed pillows from Etsy and then flank each side with pretty blue glass lamps from Target (which I found on Young House Love and D-I-E-D over) and black framed peony wallpaper, and I think you have a bed that one would love to sink into after a long day!

Of course, we need to add a few accessories. I have been staring at those lacquer trays from West Elm for over a year now and think one would look perfect on my nightstand with a little catch-all bowl and pretty vase for some fresh flowers. We have an entrance wall for our bedroom, so I thought it would be nice to have a little table to set your purse/keys/etc and it would be beautiful in this Sweet Melon color from Valspar. Add these adorable votive LOVE candles (it’s the master oasis, there should be love everywhere!) and maybe a mirror and some pictures, and I would be happy to invite people into my bedroom to hang out.

I do need to consider a few other decorative touches and curtains, but maybe I will save those for the big reveal!!

Well, what do you think? Too bright and patterned for your taste or just enough fun to make you smile when you go to sleep and wake up? Can’t wait until we finish everything!

Lots of Love,



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