Effortless Chic

You know those girls that show up with the perfect “bedhead” hair and the “Oh, I just threw this on” outfit? The ones that claim to have overslept and gotten ready in 5 minutes to make it to where ever they need to be on time? Yeah, I have never been one of those girls. I am usually late because I went through the back half of my closet and finally found one blouse-y shirt that didn’t make me look bloated and wouldn’t cause issues when I inhaled half a pizza on my own. It’s gotten even harder to look decent with two littles in tow. My typical outfit is some kind of workout short, a tank top or oversized t-shirt, and the most pathetic excuse for a top knot you have ever seen. (I would instagram said top knot, but I feel like that defeats the whole purpose of instagram. #iwokeuplikethis)

My goal before Thanksgiving rolls around is to have a better “Mom” style, and I was recently in Old Navy and just feel like they have nailed it for the fall season. Although I feel like every season has been getting better and better with them – much fewer cargo shorts and more chambrays and pixie pants, loving it. So, I put together a couple outfits that I feel are very effortless chic for a mom on the go, or on the couch, in the playroom, where ever that Mom wants to be. These outfits work for non-Moms too. Something to take a little bit out of the guess work each morning and leave more time for me to down my iced coffee before SJ starts piling books in my lap and grunting at me to read them.


I love a flowy blouse. They are so forgiving and yet still look very polished. I also love that you can tuck them into pants or a pencil skirt for a completely different look. This one in particular has a great shape and a fab neckline so that you can add a necklace or a scarf to it if you want. I want to get this in the Go Pinot Go color because I think 1. It is close to pink, which I am obviously in love with and 2. it’s such a great color for fall and it has a neutral feel to it without being boring.

Distressed jeans have been hot for a while. I like them when they are either straight leg or skinny because I think it keeps them from being too messy looking. I prefer this straight leg pair because ever since having two babies, my legs still need some work to look good in skinny jeans. (front thigh cellulite, people. Not a good look in a jean labelled ‘super skinny’) Plus, when you have a blouse-y top, it’s good to stay straight or skinny on the bottom to keep the whole look polished, and to keep you from looking larger than you want. Camouflaging extra pounds is good, creating them is not! Well, unless you are creating them by downing s’mores pop tarts. It’s shameful, but oh so delicious.

I love this outfit because I feel that you could throw on a flat shoe or a heeled bootie and it would work. This goes from story time to cocktail time with a couple accessory switches….and maybe try and take out the top knot and create some beach waves!


OK, I don’t know who decided to make sweat suits so chic and publicly acceptable, but I am loving it. As a former college athlete, I love a good pair of sweats, however mine that are emblazoned with the Pfeiffer emblem would NEVER look this fabulous. A leopard print sweatshirt, this is me in so many ways – my closet is begging for this. Comfy, yet such a pretty statement. You couldn’t wear this to the office or out for drinks, but Saturday morning errands and brunch – perfection.

I love these sweat pants! The zipper detail adds a little something so that it doesn’t say “I wore these for four years at college and there may be microwaved mac and cheese stains leftover”. Also, give me a good wedge sneaker (I love the leather detail on these) and you have just rocked out your effortless style but are still comfortable enough to chase your son around the playground ONE MORE TIME. I seriously need to go out and get this top and pants now.


I love a good dress. I have more dresses in my closet than anything else. I think it allows you to dress it up, down – go to work, wedding, drinks – seriously, you can change up ANY dress in any way you want. This shirt dress is amazing. I tried it on in store and love the cinched waist and the longer length. With nude pumps and a cardigan, you are ready for the office. I love the idea of throwing on some sneakers for Mommy and Me time at the library. And a chic pair of flats is always right with a shirt dress. The pink is obviously the color I am going for, but I may need to add the teal too just for a nice pop for the warm Florida fall weather.

So what do you think? Would you envy my mom style if I added these fun options into my rotation of workout clothes and rolled out of bed pajamas? What are your go-to effortless pieces?




Lilly Celebrates One Month!

It is hard to believe that I have a one month old daughter and an almost 14 month old son. I couldn’t have imagined this even a year ago, but it really is fabulous. Tiring – so, SO tiring, but so amazing. It’s also hard to believe that I have a one month old daughter because we haven’t even reached her ACTUAL due date. This little resilient girl was supposed to be born September 26th – exactly 14 months from her brother’s birthday, but she joined us on August 18th in quite the dramatic way…. I will save that story for another day though. For now, check out how our sweet Lilly is doing in her first month of life.

DSC_0270Height and Weight: Due to her being a 34 week preemie – the doctor had us do a 3 week check-up to make sure she was growing and she clocked in at 7 lbs, 2 oz which was huge since she was born 5 lbs, 13 oz and dropped down to 5 lbs, 4 oz in her first week. Grow baby grow! Her last length measurement was 19.5 inches.


Health:  Her first week was spent in the NICU just to make sure that her respiratory system was fully developed and that she could eat and breathe with no issues. They originally expected her to have to stay in the NICU between 3 and 6 weeks, and she was only there for 6 days. SIX DAYS!! She is such a little miracle and amazes me every day. Ever since she has been home, she has been great. Right now the only issue is her abdomen muscles haven’t fully grown together, so she has an outie belly button, but the doctor says this should grow together and be fine by 4 months.


Sleep: Lilly slept a LOT during her first two weeks. I am told this is normal for preemies, but the last week and a half, she has been awake a lot more during the day. She has also started staying up between 3 and 5 AM, which makes for one tired mommy when SJ likes to get up between 6:30 and 7 AM. We are working on getting her on a better bedtime schedule to help her sleep during this time, but for right now, she wakes up every 3-4 hours at night to eat.

DSC_0236 Diet: Lilly is bottle fed expressed breast milk although we are practicing nursing! Since she was so premature, it was difficult getting her to latch and even harder with her being strong enough to suck, so I stayed with the bottles since I was so nervous about her eating enough and gaining enough weight. Since the weight gain is going so well, I am working harder with nursing and she seems to do better every time. I am also really lucky to have a supportive husband, because it is way more frustrating than I ever dealt with nursing SJ.

Clothes: When Lilly came home, her 0-3 month onesies engulfed her, so I went out and bought newborn sized clothes. The past week though, she has grown into her 0-3 month outfits and this mommy is SO happy since I went a little crazy buying adorable girl clothes.

Baby gear love: Lilly sleeps in the bassinet on top of our pack and play next to the bed, just like SJ did. We also LOVE the mamaroo (obsessed, as we were with SJ).

Crying: She just started crying over the past week and a half. I was used to her fretting a bit around the time she was supposed to eat, or if she was gassy, but now we have the little newborn cries and every time it breaks my heart!


Likes: Eating, sleeping, and being held are currently her favorite things. She loves when her parents or grandparents snuggle her after she finishes a bottle. 

Dislikes: Wet diapers and going longer than 3 hours between feedings.


Postpartum: Things were really tough the first week while she was in the NICU. We still have so much to unpack in the house, and we downsized significantly, so I feel like everything is unorganized and I broke down several times over it. Now that she is home and we are getting used to life with two sweet babies, it’s getting better. Like I said before, I am tired almost every day and definitely in survival mode, so sometimes SJ and I watch more TV than we do read books and sing songs, but we are getting there!


Social: Not much with being social, but she does get plenty of “play time” with her brother!

Milestones: She is growing SO well and is very active for a one month old. We work on tummy time a little each day, and she can hold her head up when someone is holding her on their chest. Also, she is just gorgeous, DUH!

If you are wondering how SJ is handling being a big brother, he is doing great. He loves her so much and always wants to touch her and kiss her. However, he also wants to hit her and head butt her, so we are working on decreasing the frequency of those events and increasing the times when he rubs and kisses her head. I don’t think he still fully understands that she is his little sister, but when someone is feeding her or playing with her, he wants to be right next to her. He also seems very concerned whenever we go to the doctor as to what they are doing to her. The below picture may make your heart explode, so consider yourself warned.


We are so in love with our sweet, adorable, blue-eyed babies!!


The Liebster Award!

Most of the time, blogging creates friendships between other bloggers, however in my case, my friendship with Zoe of The Latina Lens started pre-blog, but gives me someone who pushes me to blog, as well as gives me inspiration from her cute crafts to fun family outings. Seriously, check her out. Plus, she has been published at XoJane.com, so she is pretty much a big deal. You’re welcome.

And since I had my blogging hiatus, she pushed me back into the blogging world by giving my The Liebster Award! (Thanks Zoe!)

twintestedpinapproved.files.wordpress.com liebster-award

According to Zoe, a Liebster award is given out to bloggers with less than 200 followers to let them know what a fabulous job they’re doing. I used to do a fabulous job, so hopefully I can get myself back there. I have some big plans in the works, so let’s make sure I follow through!

So here are the rules:

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.
2. You have to answer all the questions you were given by the person who nominated you.
3. You must choose 5-11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and come up with a new set of 11 questions for them.
4. Let your nominees know they’ve been nominated.

Now, I am not going to nominate anyone just yet, because I want to get back in the groove and meet some new bloggers that have popped up! But, once I find them, I will nominate them so you can check out even more fun people in the Blogosphere. I am going to answer the questions that were given to me for the Liebster Award though!

Why did you start blogging?

This one is easy. I started blogging to document everything my family is doing, and also to have a place to share my creative ideas and get input from other people on them (since I can be REALLY indecisive). What I didn’t expect was to meet so many great bloggers and spend an hour each morning reading their amazing blogs!

Favorite movie of all time?

This is tough – I have 3. Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, and Uptown Girls. (miss you Brittany Murphy)

Mac or PC?

Mac, duh. My husband is in Graphic and Web Design – we don’t do PCs.

Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram. I LOVE pictures – posting them and seeing everyone else’s.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Ugh, I have a lot just because I can be so bitchy sometimes, but the biggest one would be to not acknowledge when I am speaking to you. A simple “That sounds great” will suffice.

Do you have a green thumb?

NO! Which is so depressing since my parents can grow ANYTHING and I have spent hundreds of dollars on plants to have a beautiful garden. I am hoping the beautiful Florida weather will help turn my luck around.

Most exciting moment of 2014?

Celebrating SJ’s birthday and the birth of Lilly. My heart is so full with where my family is now – even if my brain is so tired.

What is your favorite adult beverage?

I haven’t drank in SO long…I miss all adult beverages, but I think my go-to has to be a margarita or a jack and coke. It all depends on the situation, which I hope will involve dancing in the near future.

WordPress or Blogger?

WordPress. I have heard pros and cons for both, but WordPress is easier for me.

What is your least favorite store in the mall?

Hot Topic. Always has been, always will be. It literally terrifies me.

iPhone or Android?

Wait, there are other phones out there besides iPhones?! 🙂

Alright friends, I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. Today is actually Lilly’s one month birthday! I am hoping to get some photos of her and let everyone know how she’s doing. (spoiler alert: SHE IS AWESOME! :))




Flying South

I have no excuses for why I haven’t been blogging. I could tell you that being pregnant with a baby was exhausting (which it was), or moving from my home of 7 years away from all of our amazing friends and life was took up a lot of time, or even that moving into 3 different homes in the span of 2 months was stressful – but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that I haven’t blogged since January.

The fact of the matter is a LOT of things have changed for the Phaler family in a short period of time, but things are getting better every day and I don’t think i have ever been happier. Now that I am getting more into the groove of managing two sweet, adorable babies – one of which is actually a toddler that is ALL boy ALL the time – and keeping the household under control, I want to get back into the groove of blogging. With a blank slate of a rental home (until we sell our home in Charlotte and save up to buy something permanent) and a lot of kid activities going on around our new home, I feel rejuvenated with new, exciting things to blog about!

So, I apologize again to all of you that have been reading, but I promise to be more consistent with blogging and that things will be more exciting! Plus, we bought a camera for documenting our life, so I can start using those rather than instagram photos or blurry iPhone pics. Although, the iPhone pics may get better once I get the new iPhone 6….because even with 2 kids, I still tend to be a spoiled brat….

Tomorrow, updating everyone with the Liebster Award given to me by Zoe over at The Latina Lens! Seriously check her out when you get a chance. She shows the good, the bad, and the fashionable when it comes to being a mommy to two gorgeous and sassy girls!

See you tomorrow!!



Five on Friday: Happening Lately

Happy Friday y’all! Sorry for the radio silence, but here’s what we have been up to lately. I am linking up again today with the lovely April, Christina, Darci, and Natasha for Five on Friday!

5 on Friday - logo option1


Starting off with Team Teddy! Read all about Menkes Syndrome here. Spread the word to help make people more aware! I personally had never heard of this until today’s link-up.


  1. We officially have now had 2 full snow days in Charlotte, and are going on 3. We aren’t much for snow in the Phaler household, but we did have to take SJ outside to “play” in it at least once. He wasn’t a huge fan, probably because we had him in 3 layers of regular pants that weren’t waterproof and 2 sweaters and a jacket so his mobility wasn’t at an all time high. He did try and eat the snow, so maybe snow cream for next year’s snow days? And by that I mean, in 4 years based on Charlotte’s snow history.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.24.44 PM

2.  We are over halfway to having a one year old in our house! I cried at Party City the other day when I saw a giant “1”
balloon. The recap of his 6th month on the blog Monday!


3. In honor of Valentine’s day, we have entered the 4Moms Smooch Contest! Check it out HERE and vote for SJ!

4. Ok, that was a lot of baby in the first 3 points, so the last two will be about V-Day for the grown-ups! Below is what I
would love to wear for a sweet date night out with the hubs. Seriously, I need to hit the lottery soon, because I am D-Y-
I-N-G over this dress.
Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.35.40 PM


              5. And of course, if I am wearing something fabulous, Sean should too. So, I would imagine him wearing the below on
our way to Bentley’s on 27th, obviously.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.40.01 PM


To be honest, I have no idea what our Valentine’s day plans are, just that we are going out Saturday somewhere. I will report back on where we go. Or, follow me on instagram for up to date posts! What are y’all’s V-Day plans?

Hope everyone has a super steamy Valentine’s Day weekend, we need to melt this snow somehow!



Workout Wednesday: The Ghost of Cores Past

Happy Hump Day everyone!! Sorry for missing out the past two days, there are still some things in the works at the Phalers, but I will be letting y’all in on it very soon, I hope!

So, let’s get down to it, shall we?

Weight – 1/21 – 215. Back down to my starting weight, but debating on cutting out some things from my diet to help…

Plan for the Week of 1/15 – Reflections on the past week

  • Wednesday – Core reformer workout. I didn’t workout Wednesday night because I deep cleaned my house. Based on the number of stairs alone I had to climb, I am calling that a win. I also got in an incline walk at the gym for lunch!
  • Thursday – Do Madison’s TV Commercial workout. Thursday night is Grey’s, so I think planning this workout won’t set me up for failure. I actually did the Kettle Bell routine and skipped Grey’s!
  • Friday – Core Reformer workout. I need to get my money’s worth! Excuses for this, but I had a rough day at work and we had a friend in town, so I actually just vegged out with some pizza….
  • Saturday – Fitness Blender Kettle Bell routine. I actually started this last Friday, but SJ got really fussy so I stopped to feed him and didn’t pick it back up. 😦 No workouts for Saturday either….
  • Sunday – We are clearing out the garage and storage room, so I am going to use that as a workout, but also try and get a long walk in. I did not clear out the storage room, but we did get a long, hilly walk in!
  • Monday – Fitness Blender Cardio Bodyweight workout. I did this in one of my 2.5 workouts last week and loved it. You really sweat it out! I did Fitness Blender’s Thigh and Butt workout….omg, I still hurt.
  • Tuesday – Core Reformer workout – YES! I did this!

Last week at work was crazy, so I barely took lunch, much less got in more than workout. I am definitely hoping that the lunchtime workouts will improve, starting tomorrow.

Reviews of Workouts

  • Kettle Bell routine – I highly recommend this for anyone new to using a kettle bell. It’s intense, but manageable and you work all muscles in your body. I really could feel it in my core and glutes the next day.
  • Thigh and Butt workout – Obsessed with this workout. I plan on doing it at least once a week. I don’t plan on wearing Mom Jeans ever, and I don’t plan on having a Mom Butt.
  • Core Reformer workout – I was going to take pictures of me doing this last night, but I actually was embarrassed. Y’all, I was a college athlete – I played collegiate basketball and had ABS. Seriously, I had one hot midsection. However, after 2 years of floundering workouts and 40 weeks of pregnancy, my core is shot. It was so hard to balance on the reformer machine, and even harder to add in the workouts they requested. I chose to get this machine because i have heard that Pilates is great for your core post-baby because your abs need to be worked in a different way. What I didn’t hear….PILATES IS HARD! Oh my goodness, I never knew how hard it was. I always assumed that if you weren’t lifting weights or running sprints, you weren’t working out hard enough. I was so wrong. My entire body aches, especially my core. I am excited to start doing this at least twice a week and see the results!

For the next week, I am actually going to keep a similar plan in place, but I added in the Thigh and Butt Workout, as well as threw in a yoga workout for Saturday. Let’s see how it goes!

  • Wednesday – Fitness Blender Kettle Bell routine.
  • Thursday – Do Madison’s TV Commercial workout. I really do need to settle in and watch Grey’s, plus I did a little of this on Saturday, and it is pretty killer!
  • Friday – Core Reformer workout.
  • Saturday –  Fitness Blender Yoga
  • Sunday – I have some shopping plans, so I am going to try and make sure I get a lot of steps in, but let’s consider Sunday – “rest day”
  • Monday – Fitness Blender Thigh and Butt workout
  • Tuesday – Core Reformer workout

How did y’all’s weeks go for workouts? What were your downfalls? What kept you on track? I am definitely starting to feel stronger, but i have to get more consistent….I can feel those Chevron workout pants slipping away!


Five on Friday: New Year Gear

Happy Friday y’all! This has been a long week for the Phalers, but I will go into that more next week. I am linking up again today with the lovely April, Christina, Darci, and Natasha for Five on Friday!

5 on Friday - logo option1

After all of the amazing feedback I got on my Workout Wednesday post, I decided to focus this week’s Five on Friday on rewarding myself for a full month of working out. (Thanks for the idea Rachel!) What better way to reward yourself, than with new workout clothes. Nothing makes me feel better than looking cute at the gym…well except chocolate chip cookies, but those clearly are the opposite of what I need right now.


1. This tank has shown up on several different blogs over the past couple of weeks and I am obsessed with it. I love the draping so that my midsection isn’t on display, and it has a very high fashion feel to it. Maybe I could wear it to the gym and then throw it on with some sequin leggings and heels? (not really, but a girl can dream for multifunctional clothes right?)

2. Once it starts to warm up in Charlotte, I plan on running outside again. These adidas by Stella McCartney pants are so fun and yet will keep me cool and chafe-free while getting in some miles and dropping some lbs.

3. I love working out in tank tops. I have a whole drawer full of colored tanks from Old Navy. This graphic tank from Old Navy is loose and has a fun saying. Workouts have to be fun, or your going to give up.

4. I saw this hoodie at Dick’s and can’t get it off my mind. Right now, I have been wearing Sean’s XXL sweatshirts over my workout gear. Not. Cute. This hoodie would keep me warm when I need to run errands after a workout and I could even wear it on Saturdays and Sundays with some fun leggings.

5. Enter fun leggings/tights. If you didn’t know…I am OBSESSED with Chevron. Seriously, it’s in every part of my life. Home, fashion, blog….I love it. These amazing chevron tights are everything I could ever want in a workout pant.

What are your favorite brands and clothes for working out? Do you reward yourself for being consistent with work outs?

Hope y’all have a great weekend!



WorkOut Wednesday

OK, so I didn’t even want to write this post, but I have to be accountable to all of you and myself….

I got in 2 and a half workouts last week. Embarassing, I know. I have excuses, plenty of them, but the fact of the matter is I didn’t set aside 30 minutes to an hour to take care of my body. So, here goes last week’s recap.

  • Weight – 216 (i gained a pound…)

Goals for the Week:

  • Plan workouts. I think this is going to be the biggest thing to help me. I have put together my plan below.

Plan for the Week of 1/15


  • Wednesday – Core reformer workout.
  • Thursday – Do Madison’s TV Commercial workout. Thursday night is Grey’s, so I think planning this workout won’t set me up for failure.
  • Friday – Core Reformer workout. I need to get my money’s worth!
  • Saturday – Fitness Blender Kettle Bell routine. I actually started this last Friday, but SJ got really fussy so I stopped to feed him and didn’t pick it back up. 😦
  • Sunday – We are clearing out the garage and storage room, so I am going to use that as a workout, but also try and get a long walk in.
  • Monday – Fitness Blender Cardio Bodyweight workout. I did this in one of my 2.5 workouts last week and loved it. You really sweat it out!
  • Tuesday – Core Reformer workout

Alright, so the plan of action is in place! Now, let’s do this. My goal is to also go to the gym on my lunch breaks Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but that’s a little bit harder to plan.

How do you find motivation in your busy schedule??



Tuesday Blues

Just so y’all know, this was originally supposed to be Monday Blues, but then I really did have the Monday blues after a tough Panther loss on Sunday and a rough workday Monday. So, you get to enjoy this on a Tuesday.

In case you didn’t know, I am a huge fan of pink. It’s my favorite color, the color of my engagement ring and wedding ring stones, and basically the color of my life. That being said, I live in a house with 2 boys and 2 male dogs, so I am surrounded by a lot of stereotypical blue. The good news for me is, blue looks fab with my hair and my eyes. Therefore, I am going to embrace the hot new blue looks out for the spring transitional phase and share with you my favorite blue fashions right now.


  1. I have a serious obsession with cardigans. I think other than dresses, this is the largest section in my closet. I just love that they work in every season based on their weight, and they still look more stylish than a coat you need to take off and on. This navy blue aztec print cardi would be perfect to throw over leggings on the weekend, or even belt over a pencil skirt for the office. (And it’s on sale!)
  2. This outfit is EVERYTHING. I need this in my life. I think it is the perfect mom on the go outfit (for me, of course) or just the perfect “I just threw this on” outfit for any weekend event. I don’t know why I am surprised at how perfect this outfit is since it’s J.Crew, but gimme the sweater, shorts, shoes, purse and I may never wear anything else in my closet again. Jenna Lyons, you know my heart.
  3. Of course you need a blue statement necklace in your collection. This one could jazz up a white t-shirt, or even go perfectly with the navy jumpsuit.
  4. OH.MY.GOSH. This jumpsuit is divine. I actually haven’t ever ventured into jumpsuit territory, but this one is perfection. It would be amazing with silver heels for a fancy night out, or even in flats for a day of errands. I know Christmas is over, but can I get just one more gift Santa?
  5. Henley and popover style shirts are my go-to right now. They allow easy access for nursing without screaming “nursing top”, and also skim away from my “problem areas”. Anthropologie always does an amazing job with this style and cut of shirt, and this blue print henley is no exception. This with white pants and some red flats would be perfect come summer time.
  6. While I used to be a 4-5″ stiletto heel girl, those make me nervous now when carrying around the nug. Y’all, he’s 20 lbs and teetering around in those skinny heels just terrifies me. Lucky for me, wedges have gotten to be so sexy. This blue wedge by Nine West is amazing and I could literally wear it all the time, and I love a shoe with versatility.

What are y’all’s favorite blue hued fashions right now? Is there something out there that NEEDS to be in my closet? All these fun pops of color are making me long for spring…



Workout Wednesday: Week One

Happy HumpDay Everyone! I hope you are all staying warm during the Polar Vortex….Charlotte is getting down to single digits, and I am not a fan.

Alright, so the format for every Wednesday is going to include the following:

  • Starting Weight (taken on Tuesday night)
  • Goals for the week
  • Reflections on the past week – which will include achievements and downfalls
  • Reviews on Workouts

Since this is week one, I have no reflections for last week. I did do one workout, but not enough to suffice as a valid start to a resolution. Also, sorry for the lack of pictures, I am waiting to install photoshop back onto my computer, so next week’s post will be way more enjoyable. (And may include some amazing photos of how great I look dying from lack of oxygen working out.)

Starting Weight: 215 (I can’t believe I am sharing this with the blogosphere, but it’s real life)

Goals for the week:

  • Complete 2-3 cardio workouts (I completed one fitness blender workout Tuesday night already! I highly recommend this one.)
  • Complete 2 Ab Reformer workouts. This came in the mail this weekend, but I will be starting it either tonight or tomorrow.
  • Complete 1 workout fully (without cheating and taking extra breaks)
  • Reduce my soda intake to 3 per week. My goal is to eventually give this up completely, but I have learned that cold turkey isn’t a great tactic for me.

Ok, I think those are some solid, achievable goals! Next week I will let you know how they go, as well as which my favorite workouts were. I have only done two fitness blender workouts, but already love them. I am hoping I enjoy the ab reformer just as much. Fitness Blender also offers a full meal plan. Have any of you ever done a meal plan? How did it go? It’s only $14.99, but it’s hard to have a meal plan in my house with a husband who prefers only meat and potatoes…

Get out there and SWEAT!